Company profile

Megasim, a high-tech company specialized in real driving simulation applied to the world of motorsport

We make professional driving simulators unparalleled in the market. Our flagship product is Megasim Viper, an ultra-realistic driving simulator engineered to recreate the identical driving sensations experienced in a real race car.

Our team consists of engineers, graphic designers, programmers and technical experts from diverse backgrounds, all united by a passion for innovation and technology. With our technical expertise and synergistic collaboration, we are able to create such phenomenal products and make them accessible to anyone.

Whether you are a car enthusiast or a professional driver, our Megasim Viper is THE ideal choice for extremely realistic and immersive driving experiences. We pride ourselves on offering the best product on the market and always being at the forefront of professional driving simulators.

Our engineers have designed and developed an innovative “Real Feeling Drive” concept, where the real driving sensation, as well as the driver’s approach to the track, are at the center of priorities.

We are the only manufacturer in the world that has adopted an innovative method of real-world driving simulation based on the principle of D’Alembert’s forces: an unprecedented weapon of attack that will enable drivers and team principals to climb the ranks of the world’s top championships.