Do you want to experience the pit lane wherever you are?

Viper racing simulator, the real drive feeling

Megasim Viper is now available in limited edition.
The Simulator dedicated to demanding, uncompromising drivers.

The true track driving experience, never achieved to date.
An unprecedented strike weapon.

Ascend the championship ranks by training on the racetracks with Megasim Viper, without leaving your living room.

Real feeling

The only simulator based on D’Alembert’s principle of forces for an absolutely real experience.

To be on top

Unlock your maximum potential to fully express your talent as a driver.

Competitive enhancement

Try the most insidious turn countless times, without risk. Be prepared for the battle on track to make a difference when it counts.


Win the challenge: play it forward!

Today it is not enough to introduce yourself to a team with a fast lap or a victory. You need skills that only Megasim Viper can give you:

Everything at a higher and unprecedented level.

Training +400%

There is no tomorrow. Start training today by harnessing the power of Megasim Viper.

Risk 0%

No risks while driving.
Overcome your limits without being afraid of breaking your racing car.

Results +500%

Be Ready to Fight. Obtain results. Now. Challenge the top drivers through goals achieved with Viper.


Your Viper Limited Edition is waiting for you in the paddock

Megasim Viper is the best investment you can make for yourself and your competitive career. Thanks to the Real Feeling Drive system based on D’Alembert’s forces, the Viper gives you the full and realistic perception exactly as in the car on the track. A high-fidelity simulator.

Megasim Viper is not only beautiful to look at from the outside, it is the only one fully engineered to be experienced completely from the driver’s seat.

Every driver will find that the experience on Viper is pure reality.